Green Building

Every Bethesda Too LLC, home includes the following features:

  • MiraTec exterior trim, an environmentally safe green product that ensures protection against termites.  It does not use old growth wood, is certified as having no added urea formaldehyde and is primed with a low volatile organic compound primer containing a mildewcide.  MiraTec contributes to industry programs such as LEED and the National Green Building Standard.

  • Open Cell spray foam insulation  sprayed above the garage ceiling, at band boards and joist ends, box sills, rim joists and cantilevered flooring/overhangs.  Open Cell spray foam insulation expands 140 times its initial volume to seal all voids, gaps and crevices and provide an air barrier that minimizes air leakage.  It provides higher R-value than other insulating materials.

  • Formaldehyde-free cellulose insulation in the attic, an environmentally preferable product due to its recycled content and potentially higher energy and acoustic performance

  • Low-E, argon filled, double pane insulated windows providing better insulation and reducing air infiltration

  • No or low volatile organic compounds in paints

  • Hardieplank fiber cement siding which contributes points towards the United States Green Building Council (USGBC), LEED project certification, the National Green Building Standard (NGBS) project certification, and other green building rating systems. Factors contributing to the points awarded to projects using James Hardie products include regionally-sourced raw materials, multiple manufacturing facilities spread across the country including in Virginia, recycled content, and low-toxicity raw materials. The NGBS also recognizes the benefits of ColorPlus® technology for removing the need for site applied finishing.

  • Anti-air infiltration package with caulking, foam and insulation chinking to minimize drafts from outside air

  • Garage doors with foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation providing an R-value of 11 -12.  The garage door quality impacts the thermal efficiency of your home as your garage door is typically the largest opening in your home. Polyurethane insulation delivers twice the thermal performance of polystyrene insulation of the same thickness.  It also adds strength and rigidity to the door panels and insulates against street noise.

  • Energy Star appliances as available – appliances in general and especially refrigerators are more energy efficient due to increased insulation, tighter door seals, improved compressors and temperature controls

  • Multi system heating and air conditioning with multiple programmable WIFI thermostats

  • Two Carrier high performance central gas furnaces

  • Two Carrier puron electric air conditioning systems

  • All ductwork taped and sealed with Mastic for energy savings and extra comfort

  • Two 50 gallon high efficiency gas water heaters for faster hot water recovery

  • Recirculating pump attached to hot water heaters for fast hot water supply

  • Green building materials, such as Oriented Strand Board (OSB) used for sheathing and manufactured from faster growing smaller trees.  OSB meets the same performance standards as plywood but doesn’t cut or warp as easily.

  • I joists with wood sourced through programs certified under the Sustainable Forestry Initiative

  • Electric sub panels for maximum efficiency – never have to run down to basement from 2nd floor to adjust a tripped breaker

  • Exterior materials, such as stone, poured concrete and synthetic stucco that provide extra insulation and absorb heat to maintain comfortable indoor temperature

Information deemed reliable, but subject to change